Our Commitment

As part of our commitment to your hearing health—and your wallet—we offer:

  • Free hearing evaluations
  • Free initial consultation
  • Same-day appointments
  • Risk-free 30-day adjustment period
  • Free loaners
  • Handicap accessibility
  • Extended warranties
  • Credit card acceptance
  • Full refund
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Thorough Examination

We perform an extensive exam and testing to define your level of hearing loss and ability to comprehend speech. This includes using tools such as:

  • Tympanometry
    A change in middle-ear pressure is the first sign that an issue is developing. Tympanometry measures pressures within the middle ear. By creating a minute air-pressure change in the outer ear, tympanometry establishes the mobility of the eardrum, which is affected by the air pressure that occurs behind the eardrum. The procedure is painless and lasts only three seconds.
  • Video Otoscopy
    Video otoscopy is a procedure that provides a live color image of the eardrum and ear canal.

Treatment Guidance

Once the results of your exam have been explained to you, we make recommendations for solutions to your hearing loss.

In addition, once you begin using your hearing aid(s), we conduct verification tests to make sure that you’re hearing as well as possible. During your follow-up visits, we also provide patient and family counseling.

Comprehensive In-House Repair Lab

In most cases, issues with your hearing device can be fixed on the spot. Should your hearing aid require more extensive work, we provide you with a loaner aid and get your own device repaired as fast as possible.

We also offer routine maintenance for your device, as daily use can wear it out over time.

Insurance Consultation

We encourage all patients to call us with all insurance questions first so we can help you maximize any insurance benefit that may be offered for hearing aids. We can help save you time and money by helping you work with your insurance company.

Rental Program

At Midwest Audiology, we offer an all-inclusive hearing aid rental program that allows patients to pay a low monthly fee and use high-quality hearing aids on monthly basis. All batteries, supplies and repair costs are included.

This program allows patients who cannot afford hearing aids to have access to them by paying a monthly fee and still get any level of hearing aid technology they chose. It also provides peace of mind for those who don’t like to be surprised by repair costs as the hearing aids get older and out of warranty.

The hearing aids can be returned at any time during the rental period.