Our Products

At Midwest Audiology Center, we have a variety of hearing aids designed to:

  • Accommodate every lifestyle
  • Address every level of hearing loss
  • Fit any budget

Providing these key elements is just part of our commitment to high-quality, affordable hearing care for patients of all ages and activity levels.

Hearing Aid Brands

When we recommend a hearing aid for you, our goal is to fit you with the best technology for your hearing loss using a quality device with cosmetic appeal at the very best value possible.

We carry the following major brands of hearing aids:

Purchasing and Fitting

Buying your hearing aid is only the first small step to restoring your hearing. In comparison, being fitted for your device is even more crucial. Luckily, our personalized approach to fitting will ensure the highest level of hearing.


Many people lose hearing gradually. That’s because as we grow, we develop the ability to concentrate on a conversation even though it was surrounded by a jumble of other sounds. However, as hearing loss progresses over time, the ability to listen selectively is reduced.

During your follow-up visits, we will help you learn how to properly use your hearing device and relearn many of the listening techniques you may have lost.

Hearing Aid Care Tips

Keep these tips in mind to maintain the battery health and overall life of your hearing aid:

  • Get regular checkups for preventive maintenance of your hearing aid
  • Handle your device with care
  • Have fresh batteries with you at all times
  • Keep hearing aids from exposure to high temperatures or becoming wet
  • Keep your device out of reach of children and pets
  • Remove hearing aids before applying hairspray
  • Turn off your hearing aid when not in use