At Midwest Audiology Center, your initial consultation is absolutely free, and there is never a charge to come in and talk to us about your hearing needs.

If you need a hearing aid, we will work tirelessly to make financing easy for you and offer several options, including a rental program. We also accept all major credit cards as well as personal checks and some insurance plans.

Our charges are almost always well below the recommended pricing because we simply buy quality devices in bulk and pass the savings on to you.

For more information about our options, contact us today.

Rental Program

At Midwest Audiology, we offer an all-inclusive hearing aid rental program that allows patients to pay a low monthly fee and use high-quality hearing aids on monthly basis. All batteries, supplies and repair costs are included.

This program allows patients who cannot afford hearing aids to have access to them by paying a monthly fee and still get any level of hearing aid technology they chose. It also provides peace of mind for those who don’t like to be surprised by repair costs as the hearing aids get older and out of warranty.

The hearing aids can be returned at any time during the rental period.